In my intro post, I wrote about approximate plans for my travels, that I am starting Today. In last few weeks I have nailed down the plans much more… All together I will be going through 6 “countries”: USA, South Korea, Hong Kong(China?!), Vietnam and Indonesia - Bali.

Stop #1 - USA

The country of insane capitalism and bad social standards (oops, don’t get mad if you are from the states, but I think what we have home in Slovenia is waaaay better). However… I will be in the USA for almost 13 days, from 20th of Oct till 1st of Nov, and I plan to visit three places:

Minneapolis (20.10 - 23.10), where I will attend the wedding ceremony of Greg and Krista. I met them at volleyball a few years ago in London, and they are the reason why this trip started - the wedding was a huge motivation for me, to go and support a couple I met!

San Francisco (23.10 - 26.10) I’ve never been there and being a technology centre of the world, I have to go there at some point. Now it’s the perfect timing to do so.

Los Angeles (26.10 - 1.11), I will meet up with two good friends from my hometown Ptuj, who I am looking forward to seeing after a long time. Fun fact: One guy’s grandma wanted me to take biscuits with me to his place… I had no space unfortunately haha :(

Stop #2 - Japan

I don’t have any concrete plans for Japan yet, except for plane tickets. I will land in Tokyo on 1st of November and have 12 days to get to the Hiroshima. Co-founder Tom joins me for a trip!

Stop #3 - South Korea

I am going to Seoul on 12.11 and will stay there only for a few day - until 15th of Nov. My ex-colleague Kye joins me. We have no idea what to expect, but that makes it even more interesting.

Stop #4 - Hong Kong

With Kye, we continue together to Hong Kong where we stay for about a week (15.11 - 21.11). We have a huge advantage, because Kye’s family came from Hong Kong, meaning he speaks Mandarin (and can pretend to be local haha!). He is London born and raised as far as I know (hope I got this right!).

Stop #5 - Vietnam

Oh Vietnam, can’t wait to see the country. I’m meeting there with Tom, my co-founder and we hope to move the company forward. I will be there altogether for almost three weeks. First from 21.11 - 26.11 and after I come back from Bali 3.12 till I return to Slovenia.
I’ve got a similar advantage here as I had in Hong Kong. Tom’s parents came from Vietnam meaning he speaks Vietnamese. I’m not sure he has to pretend to be local as he lived there since January!

Stop #6 - Bali (26.11 - 3.12)

This stop is special. I am meeting with Pauline, and I haven’t seen her since last year, so I am super stoked to see her again! We decided in the last moment that we will meet in Bali which is halfway between Vietnam and Brisbane where she lives.

Oh, and by the way, it’s her birthday today. All the best Pauline, stay awesome, much love 🎂 🍾

End of the trip

After Bali, I am going back to Vietnam and will probably spend the rest of the time there. There is a chance I will go to Cambodia to meet with one of my friends from Ptuj.

I plan to be back to Slovenia by Christmas so that I can spend the holidays with my dearest. 🎄 🎅🏼